Do you have a complex product line, with thousands of products, a seemingly endless number of combinations or customizations you can offer your customers, or products that would be easier to sell with 3D visuals? Product complexity can make selling a challenge, but it also presents an incredible opportunity – an opportunity to offer your customers more options and a better value while growing both your top and bottom line. Through more robust product visualization, configuration, and quoting tools, you can enable your sales team to work smarter, not harder. And, when these tools are integrated into your commerce website, you can empower your distributors and customers to build and visualize their own solutions or kits, enabling self-service and creating a customer experience like no other.


configure-price-quoteSAP Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) enables users to build an order or a kit with compatible parts, view pricing that reflects discounts based on the selected features or parts and generate a quote quickly and easily. CPQ takes manual work and automates it, speeding up the sales process and reducing the risk of errors. SMITH has a team of CPQ experts with decades of experience implementing, optimizing, and maintaining CPQ platforms.

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In partnership with eLogic, SMITH also offers implementation and integration for SAP Variant Configuration (VC). Primarily used for manufacturing complex products, VC improves the exchange of information among sales, engineering, and production teams. VC helps to put together specifications for the product and ensure that the product can be produced from these specifications. It also ensures that production costs are clear and within expectations. The SMITH team can integrate VC with CPQ, or connect VC directly to your commerce website, to provide an easy-to-use interface for the sales team or customers.

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Do you have products that sell better when you can show them in high definition from every angle? Bring to life engaging and interactive experiences for your buyers that will increase revenue and customer loyalty. By combining 3D visualization with CPQ or your digital commerce platform you can elevate B2B buying, creating an experience for your customers and distributors unlike any other. Show your sales team, distributors, customers, and partners what they could previously only imagine. Show them their design in 3D, giving them the instant gratification and confidence to proceed with placing their orders online. Manufacturers that provide enhanced digital content experience higher conversion rates, fewer product returns, and greater customer satisfaction.

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As distributors and customers continue to show their preference for self-service, companies that offer CPQ, VC functionality, and/or 3D visualization through their commerce website can achieve a significant competitive advantage and improve operational efficiency. An SAP Gold Partner, SMITH brings extensive expertise in SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) development and integration as well as robust customer experience design. The SMITH team can integrate your systems and create a front-end user experience (UX) that will increase conversions and drive revenue.

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When it comes to streamlining your sale’s team configuration, pricing and quoting tasks, there’s no doubt that SAP CPQ is a game changer.

6 Ways CPQ Can Help You

Why should you care about CPQ in simplifying complex sales? Let’s start with the top 6 ways it can transform your business.

Success Story: AT&T MST

Based on over a decade of partnership, AT&T approached SMITH for assistance with solving a mission-critical problem. SMITH was enlisted to help AT&T develop an all-new suite of user-friendly sales tools.


SMITH has been helping customers for decades to implement digital commerce solutions that facilitate complex sales for both manufacturers and retailers. From digital tools, to custom medical equipment, to mobile sales tools for use in-retail stores, we can help with solutions that empower your sales teams to close more sales and increase average order size through customer self-service, custom products visualization, and improved product configuration and quoting.

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