Sometimes surprisingly simple changes can result in big improvements. Sometimes it’s much more complex. Either way, SMITH can partner with you to ensure your digital commerce channel is achieving its full potential. At SMITH, we’ve been entrusted with some of the most challenging enterprise ecommerce B2B, B2C, and B2C2B projects in North America and Europe. In close collaboration with our clients, we’ve produced some amazing results. We analyze, strategize, and optimize to deliver the best possible outcomes for you. Our ecommerce growth and optimization (G&O) services focus areas include:

  • Revenue Optimization

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Engagement

  • Digital Transformation


Want to increase the revenue from your digital commerce channel? The SMITH team can conduct a Comprehensive Commerce Assessment, a thorough review into your ecommerce channel and other sales channels to identify, measure and then optimize the performance of the channel against defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We can analyze the user experience (UX) and conduct a technical audit to identify specific areas for improvement across desktop and mobile platforms. We can then implement the changes and monitor the performance of your site to ensure success. Our clients have seen up to a 40% increase in online sales due to improvements that enabled buyers to move seamlessly from search to product pages to cart and checkout. Whether by improving conversion rates, average order value (AOV), customer satisfaction (CSAT/NPS), customer lifetime value (CLV), customer retention rate, or all of the above, SMITH can help you to achieve your revenue goals.


Enabling customer self-service and reducing order processing steps can significantly decrease the cost of sales and help you to scale your operations more efficiently as you grow. SMITH can audit your processes and identify ways to automate steps that are currently handled manually. Often efficiency gains can be accomplished through robust integrations and implementation of technologies such as those that empower sales to easily configure, price, and quote (CPQ). We can also establish the analytical data required to inform future optimization investments.

In addition, SMITH can manage your commerce, marketing and content platforms, your moves from on-premise installations to cloud (CCV2), as well as your day-to-day ecommerce platform operations. Our application management services (AMS) for your digital platforms ensures your site is running smoothly and updates are implemented quickly and easily, allowing your team to focus more on revenue generating activities and less on maintenance.


At SMITH, we can help you to operationalize lead generation, digital marketing and loyalty programs to improve customer experience (CX) and drive customer engagement and retention. With well-designed integrations among all your systems, you can view comprehensive customer profiles and complete data that allow you to create hyper-personalized customer experiences to drive website conversions.

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As you transition to a more digital organization or implement new technologies, we can help you to define the organizational structure, processes and change management required to pivot successfully. SMITH’s senior leaders bring decades of experience in advising clients in commerce and technology and can support the evolution required to become a more customer-centric organization, or to move from manual to digital processes.


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At SMITH, we are fearless. Complexity doesn’t scare us, it excites us. Contact SMITH today to discuss your digital commerce goals and challenges. We can help you maximize your company’s potential, elevate your brand, and become a corporate superhero.

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