At SMITH, we’re focused on enabling and optimizing B2B, B2C, and B2C2B buying and selling for you and your customers. Our digital commerce solutions will help you to realize the full potential of your ecommerce channels. SMITH offers a breadth of services to support your customer’s journey and enhance customer experience, as well as improve sales, marketing, and IT team efficiency and effectiveness. With customer experience design, platforms implementation and integration, growth strategy consulting, cart conversion optimization, application management services (AMS) and more, SMITH can partner with you for all your digital commerce requirements.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Implementation + Integration
  • Experience + Content
  • Product Configuration
  • Growth, Optimization, + Support


We always begin our work with the end in mind, and that is helping you to achieve your digital commerce goals. SMITH’s ecommerce strategists are involved in every commerce implementation project to ensure you achieve the best possible results from your technology investments. A Comprehensive Commerce Assessment (CCA) can be conducted for you to ensure your ecommerce site is optimized to take buyers seamlessly from search and product pages to cart and checkout. The SMITH team will measure and analyze the user experience (UX) and conduct a technical audit to identify specific areas for improvement across your digital channels and platforms, including desktop and mobile. We can then create a digital commerce roadmap, implement changes, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for your site to ensure success, conducting A/B and multivariate testing as needed.


When it’s time to replatform to scale your operations or enable functionality to improve customer experience and grow sales, SMITH’s team has the expertise to handle even the most complex implementations and systems integrations. SMITH is a digital agency with deep roots as a systems integrator (SI), and we understand the importance of websites and systems that function as flawlessly on the backend as they do on the front-end. We specialize in the implementation of total digital commerce solutions leveraging SAP and Adobe platforms, however, our experience spans many other commerce platforms and content management systems (CMS). SMITH also understands the importance of well-thought out and architected integrations with CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, marketing automation technologies, analytics platforms, payment processors, loyalty platforms, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and many other platforms and technologies for ensuring successful digital commerce site deployments and taking customer experience to the next level.

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Whether you are replatforming or just updating your existing website, our strategy, creative, and technology teams work closely with you to design and implement customer experiences (CX) that will deliver enhanced CX while driving conversions. SMITH has extensive experience in implementing and integrating Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with commerce platforms. Our ACT for AEM accelerator enables faster and easier integration between AEM and SAP Commerce Cloud. From design updates to integration with ERP systems and experience management platforms and much more, your goal of improving the customer journey to drive sales can be realized through a combination of strategy, content, and technology.

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SMITH has been helping customers for years to implement technologies that facilitate complex sales. We have a team dedicated specifically to implementing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), which enables users to build an order or a kit with compatible parts, view pricing that reflects discounts based on the selected features or parts and generate a quote. CPQ takes manual work and automates it, speeding up the sales process and reducing the risk of errors. As customers continue to show their preference for self-service, companies that offer CPQ to both their sales team as well as their customers through their ecommerce site can achieve a competitive advantage and improve operational efficiency. From mobile sales tools for use in-retail stores, to online amulet builders and bracelet stackers for jewelers, we can help with tools that empower sales teams to close more sales and increase average order size through customer self-service and custom products visualization.

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Do you already have a commerce platform on which you plan to continue to build? If so, SMITH can partner with you to ensure your digital commerce systems and processes are performing to their full potential. We analyze, strategize, and optimize to deliver the best possible outcomes for your digital commerce. Our ecommerce growth and optimization solutions include revenue optimization, operational efficiency, customer engagement, and digital transformation. We can also establish the analytical data required to inform future optimization investments. One of the ways SMITH helps customers to optimize revenue is through cart conversion optimization. Our customers have seen a 40% increase in online sales due to improvements in conversion rates from SMITH recommendations and implementations. SMITH also provides application management services (AMS), ensuring your digital platforms are operating to high standards of SLAs while reducing operational costs. To keep you moving in the right direction and enable you to take advantage of the latest technologies, we also can manage your upgrades as well as your migration from on-premise to cloud infrastructure.

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Today, digital commerce is changing the world and how we live. From “going shopping” to “always shopping,” the ways we shop and do business has changed incredibly over just the past few years. Plus, the expectations in B2B are in close lockstep with the expectations in B2C – polished and personalized experiences that are only a click away. At SMITH, we are focused on helping you implement the platforms and processes to position you for growth and to achieve a positive ROI from your digital commerce investments. Contact SMITH today to discuss your ecommerce goals and challenges.

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“SMITH has been a pleasure to work with. Right away, they provided the insight and overall knowledge we were looking for. Working through the wire framing, visual design and finally the development process was very seamless.”
– Kirby Anderson, Border States