The Ripe Opportunity of CPQ


If there is one thing that 2020 has brought to light in the commerce world, it’s the incredible importance of enabling customers to self-service. With sales staff being limited on their ability to visit customers, and customers working from home while they juggle parenting or just staying sane, customers’ ability to place orders on their own from any place at any time of day is no longer a pipe dream but a necessity.

However, with B2B and B2C2B, it is still often the norm for a customer to have to pick up the phone and speak to customer service or a sales rep to determine what products are right for them or to obtain a quote. That's about to change.




With SAP Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), that “pick up the phone” scenario can be replaced with a significantly enhanced, much smoother digital experience that results in happier customers, higher sales and lower operating costs. 

CPQ empowers customers or partners to configure an order or a kit with compatible parts, view pricing that reflects discounts based on the customers’ selections and receive an accurate quote that is free from human errors. CPQ takes the manual work and essentially automates it. As customers continue to show their preference for self-service, companies that move in that direction will have the clear advantage over their competitors.

SMITH has been helping clients for years to implement technologies that facilitate complex sales. We continue to invest in CPQ capabilities to fill the ripe need for self-service and sales process optimization. Our CPQ team is ready to guide and support you through your CPQ implementation so you and your customers can start reaping the benefits today!



In this webinar, we discuss the current trends in complex selling models: recent shifts in customer expectations, the subsequent impact on the organization, and how the right CPQ solution can help to overcome the complex nature of those sales.

Watch to learn how B2B organizations leverage CPQ solutions to simplify and unify customer centricity to:

Accelerate and streamline sales operations
Gain a strong competitive advantage and diversify revenue streams
Deliver a seamless and intelligent customer experience CX



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